As the number of crime spike, making sure your home, business, property, and family is safe becomes Bali Digital CCTV top priority. To stay safe and secure, you will need to choose the right CCTV System that really works and meet your budget.

Don’t be confused with too many terms and names in the surveillance market; For example, when buying a video recording device, for a non-expert it is hard to choose between NVR, HVR, DVR, and XVR. In this article, I will try to explain the difference between XVR and DVR

What is DVR?

A digital video recorder is a CCTV device made to record and compress video into a hard disk drive. A DVR connects to analog CCTV cameras with a coaxial cable RG 59 or RG-6 and BNC connector. Each camera need to be powered using single power adapter or central power box.

What is XVR?

XVR is basically more advance version of DVR. This new CCTV recording device can work properly with all types of security camera video format. Such as AHD, CVI, TVI, and CVBS.

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