About Us

Who Are We?

Bali Digital CCTV was established in 2008. The company began as a traditional business with a focus on quality excellence, continual improvement and innovation. The extensive skills, knowledge and experience we have gained over these years provides the solid foundation for the work we do today providing quality security products and services for industrial, commercial, residential and government department customers in Bali.

Why Choose Us?

We supply a full range of security products. Our products range from simple deterrents through to high end commercial grade security products and even high risk industrial and government security solutions. We stock and supply only quality products that provide superior value for money. We continually evaluate the products that we use to ensure the ideal balance between industry trends, product innovation and quality.
Our technical service is a key component in our success as a company and in achieving your trust as a customer. To provide the best customer support to our valued customers, we offer 24/7 support! You are always welcome to call our offices during normal business hours,
With our highly experienced team, all specifically trained, working 24/7/365, we provide excellent customer service and technical support for our valued customers.

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